Corporate courses

Customized course content. Tailored to your specific needs.

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Courses and workshops exclusively for your company 

Qualify your whole team and bring new team members up to speed regarding their PLA 3.0 knowledge. Use and discuss confidential material during the course session. Set up and evaluate assays based on your own data, with an experienced instructor.

Level up your team members

  • Get the most out of PLA 3.0. Discover powerful and useful features.

  • Discuss confidential material during the session

  • Train your entire team

Pick the course format that suits you best

  • Web-based or on-site training at your company
  • Personal guidance from our experts with 20+ years of experience

Tailor the
course content

  • Emphasize what is necessary for your assay formats and methods in the course of the training.
  • Develop matching templates with an experienced trainer. Setup sophisticated control charts specifically for your needs.
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