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Brief and free of charge videos showcasing the power of PLA 3.0. Designed to highlight features and common use cases, these bite-sized videos are tailor-made for specific use cases. Whether you're in a rush or simply prefer consumable content, our videos offer an ideal solution for grabbing valuable information on the fly.


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What's New in PLA 3.0.7 [S001]

Activate add-ons without internet connection [S002]

What's New in PLA 3.0.6 [S003]

How to create your first PLA 3.0 database [S004]

User interface

How to use the Navigator of PLA 3.0 [S007]

Key concepts

How to create documents and templates [S008]

Data analysis

What's New: Control Chart Package [S009]

What's New: Dose-Response-Analysis Package [S010]

What's New: Biological Assay Package [S011]

Data import

Data import from Cytiva Biacore™ [S012]

Data import from Gen5™ [S013]

Data import from Microsoft Excel® [S014]

Data import from SoftMax® Pro [S015]

Data import from Tecan Magellan™ (Native) [S016]

Data import from a Tecan Magellan™ workspace file [S017]

Data import from a Tecan Magellan™ method file [S018]

Data import from a text file [S019]


How to manage folder properties in PLA 3.0 [S020]

Migrate your PLA 3.0 database [S021]

Regulatory compliance

Installation Qualification in PLA 3.0 [S022]

Operational Qualification in PLA 3.0 [S023]

Preparing the Performance Qualification in PLA 3.0 [S024]

Running the Performance Qualification in PLA 3.0 [S025]

Traceability of data in PLA 3.0 [S026]


How to activate your PLA 3.0 license [S005]

How to transfer your PLA 3.0 license [S006]