PLA 3.0 Basics Webinar

The ideal starting point for PLA 3.0 novices.

Course objective

Get a brief yet comprehensive introduction to PLA 3.0 – free of charge!
This webinar introduces the key features of the PLA 3.0 platform and its add-ons. Learn about the basics of electronic documents and how to set up quantitative response assays.
In addition, we provide an overview of further analysis capabilities, such as dose-response analysis, microbial assays for antibiotics, and aggregating experiments.




75 mins 

Course TYPE




What's included?

  • Get to know PLA 3.0
    A modular system of framework (regulatory aspects) and add-ons for expert functions.
  • Live demonstration
    Setup and analysis of a 96-well plate assay.
  • Basic concepts
    Electronic documents, methods overview, challenges of electronic documents, method lifecycle.
  • Q&A
    Get your course-related questions answered by your instructor in real-time.
  • Outlook on analytical methods
    Quantitative response assays, Dose-response analysis, Microbial assays for analytics, Combination calculation, Equivalence margin development, Control charting.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who should attend?
    This course is suitable for first-time users of PLA 3.0 and users with no or limited experience in the use of PLA 3.0 for the analysis of biological assays
  • How long is the course going to take?
    The presentation takes one hour. Afterwards, there is a 15-minute time frame for questions.
  • How often do you offer this course?
    We offer this course once a week.
  • Where does the course take place?
    Virtually through this platform.
  • Is there a participant limit?
    Yes. The course is limited to 45 participants.
  • Do I need access to PLA 3.0 during the course?
    No, you can attend the course without having PLA 3.0 at hand. However, we recommend using PLA 3.0 to track individual steps in the software effectively. A free trial of PLA 3.0 can be downloaded here.


The training really helped to understand everything the software is capable of. The training teaches you step by step how to use the software more efficiently and it proves to be very flexible and adaptable to customer needs.
Esmeralda A.