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Welcome to PLA 3.0

Selected educational material for Tecan. PLA 3.0 Basics provides a general overview of PLA 3.0. The other resources focus on the connection between PLA 3.0 and Tecan instruments, and on the PLA 3.0 implementation of bioMérieux endotoxin detection assays. Other educational content is available in the main menu.

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PLA 3.0 Basics

Data import from Tecan Magellan into PLA 3.0

Data import from Tecan Magellan™ (Native) [S016]

Data import from a Tecan Magellan™ workspace file [S017]

Data import from a Tecan Magellan™ method file [S018]

bioMérieux endotoxin detection assays

What's New: bioMérieux Endotoxin Detection Assay Package [S028]

What's New: Tecan Magellan™ Import Module for bioMérieux Endotoxin Detection Assays [S029]